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Population: 185,000

see Mobile on a map

Layman's version:

Can keep up to 25 hens (no roosters) within city limits so long as coop is 200 feet from any neighbor's occu

[edit] The Urban Chicken ordinance on the books

Sec. 7-103. Keeping in residential area; specifications, etc., for chicken house and yard.(a) Generally.

It shall be unlawful for any person to keep any rooster within a residential area in the city, and it shall be further unlawful for any person to keep within a residential area in the city more than twenty-five (25) chickens outside of a brooder or to keep any such chickens except in a chicken house, or chicken house and yard, meeting the following specifications of structure, situation and maintenance, except on the grounds of an institution keeping chickens solely for consumption by its own residents or inmates, at a distance of two hundred (200) feet or more from residences of other ownership and occupancy.
(b) Chicken houses.
(1) Floors. There shall be not less than four (4) feet of floor space per chicken outside of a brooder, and the floor shall be made of concrete or other impervious material, not less than three (3) inches thick and shall have a smooth surface which is easily cleaned. The provisions of this paragraph and paragraph (2) of this subsection shall not prohibit the keeping of chickens in a chicken house which is constructed with a floor at least thirty (30) inches above the surface of the ground and of a wire mesh material which will permit the droppings to fall upon the ground.
(2) Walls, etc. The foundation, wall and floor shall be constructed of concrete or other impervious material.The floor slab shall extend to the outer edge of the wall and a four-inch concrete wall shall extend twelve (12) inches above the finished floor level and eighteen (18) inches below the surface of the ground. Both floor and wall shall be poured integrally. The wall shall be single and shall contain no dead space. Windows, or open space equivalent to not less than twenty (20) percent of the floor area, shall be provided for light and ventilation.

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