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Welcome to the Urban Chickens Network Legal Resource Center

Can you keep urban chickens in your backyard where you live? The question's not always an easy one to answer since the municipal code pertaining to chicken-keeping varies greatly from one place to another.

This site is designed to help people wanting to know about the laws, ordinances and rules that allow for urban chickens: chickens kept within city limits for eggs and companionship, not for slaughter.

Not sure what the law is in your area, and you don't see your city listed below? See this page to learn How to research Urban Chicken ordinances online.

Places Where Urban Chicken Are Legal

These are the places where there are laws on the books allowing chickens in the backyard If you can't find a municipality (village, town, city) that currently allows chickens, please add it to the list below by clicking the "edit" link on the right.

Even better, you can create a page for it yourself and link it from the list (Template for new city pages).

Places Trying to Pass Urban Chicken Ordinances

If you know of ordinances that have been submitted to or are about to be considered by a municipality, please add them below in hopes they'll be promoted to "Existing" soon!

Useful Responses to Arguments Against Urban Chickens

Fill out this section with a list of common arguments against urban chickens and effective responses to these points. (note: many arguments against are emotional ones, not logical ones)

This resource center is an adjunct to the Urban Chickens Network blog.

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