Woodinville, WA

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Population: 9194

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Layman's version:
Can have 3 chickens, no minimum lot size.  More than 3 chickens requires one-half acre or more with housing size restrictions.

The Urban Chicken ordinance on the books:
Link to municipal code online: Woodinville Municipal Code: Chapter 21 - Zoning Code - 21.30.020 Animal regulations - small animals 

Text of municipal code

21.30.020 Animal regulations - small animals


  • The minimum site area shall be one-half (1/2) acre if more than three  (3) small animals are being kept;
  • All animals shall be confined within a building, pen, aviary or similar structure;
  • Any covered structure used to house or contain such animals shall maintain a distance of not less than thirty-five (35) feet to any property line. . .
  • Poultry, chicken, squab and rabbits are limited to a maximum of one (1) animal per one square foot of structure used to house such animals, up to a maximum of 2,000 square feet.

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