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There's a lot to love about having chickens in your backyard. The eggs, the companionship, the sense of self-reliance, the free manure! The problem? many people interested in keeping chickens in the city have no idea whether they can do so legally.

After hearing time and again on my UrbanChickens.net blog from people asking "are they legal where I live?" I decided to create this to help all of us know where we can and cannot keep chickens as well as to serve as a resource to help people pass laws making chickens legal where they currently are not. While I enjoy digging around in municipal codes (especially when they're hosted on the web), the ordinances and codes pertaining to keeping chickens in the city are often buried in counter-intuitive places or are simply not on the books at all (which people interpret, incorrectly, as meaning they're NOT legal).

There are some places on the web (like the City Chicken's law page) that list cities where you can keep chickens as well as general information as to how many and where to keep them in the yard, but the lists seem anecdotal, at best, and likely won't stand up to the scrutiny of a code enforcement officer sent to your backyard once they've been tipped off you have chickens.

So, I created this, the Urban Chickens Network Legal Resource Center, to help us work together to make it so anyone, anywhere, can legally, with full knowledge of the law, enjoy the multiple benefits that come from raising chickens in your own backyard.

It's my hope you'll find this resource useful, contribute information if you can, and spread the news to those you know who are interested in raising chickens, too.

All information on this wiki is under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 license, so please use it and repost it as you find it useful, but please remember to cite the Urban Chickens Network as the source.

May you be flooded in eggs.

Thomas Kriese

October 14, 2009

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