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Population: 53,446

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Layman's version:
Number of chickens depends on the size of the coop, coops must provide 2 cubic square feet per chicken and cannot exceed 2000 square feet in footprint.  Setback requirements. Roosters allowed but discouraged.  

The Urban Chicken ordinance on the books:
Link to City of Shoreline Development Handouts: click "Backyard Chickens in Shoreline" for a pdf file.

Relevant municipal code for the City of Shoreline:

SMC 6.05
SDC 20.30.740

Text of Backyard Chickens in Shoreline handout:

Backyard Chickens in Shoreline
Note: This handout is for informational use only and is not to be substituted for the
Shoreline Development Code.
Keeping chickens is becoming increasingly popular in urban areas. This flyer
is provided to answer the most common questions related to backyard
chickens in Shoreline.

Q. How many chickens can I have?
A. The allowable number of chickens is based on the size of the chicken
coop, aviary or loft that you have.

Q. Can I have a rooster?
A. It is legal to have a rooster in Shoreline, but we recommend that you
avoid keeping roosters. Be considerate and consult with your neighbors first
in order to avoid noise complaints.

Q. Where can I keep my chickens?
A. Chickens must be kept in an enclosure at least 10 feet from any property
line and 20 feet from any dwelling unit. Again, it’s a good idea to consult
with your neighbors first. You don’t want to infringe on others’ enjoyment of
their property. Greater setbacks may be required if the enclosure is greater
than 200 square feet or taller than 10 feet.

Q. What kind of coop do I need?
A. As with any animal, for happy and healthy chickens, provide plenty of air
circulation and room to wander inside enclosures. Be sure your enclosure
protects your chickens from cats, dogs, and raccoons. There are many good
books and online resourses on raising backyard chickens with attractive
designs for chicken houses. Chicken coops must provide at least 2 cubic
feet of space for each chicken, but may not be larger than 2,000 square feet
in footprint. Contact the Planning and Development Services office at (206)
801-2500, about building permit requirements.

Q. What if my neighbors’ chickens are too noisy?
A. “Public Disturbance Noise” is defined as “any noise which unreasonably
disturbs or interferes with the peace and comfort of owners or possessors of
real property.” Try talking to your neighbors if there is a problem. Noise
complaints should go to the Shoreline Police Department at (206) 296-

Q. What if my neighbors’ chickens coop is too smelly?
A. Talk to your neighbor about controlling odor by keeping their chicken
coop clean. The only time chickens will smell bad is if they are sick or their
coop is not cleaned often enough. Suspected health code violations should
be reported to the Seattle-King County Health Department at (206) 296-
7387. The Planning and Development Services Director can determine the
presence of a public nuisance.

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