SeaTac, WA

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Population: 23,156

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Layman's version:
Can have up to 5 chickens, including roosters. All animals shall be kept in a confined area and maintained. Housing must abide by all yard setback requirements.

The Urban Chicken ordinance on the books:
Link to SeaTac municipal code online

Text of municipal code

15.12.015 Domestic Animals – Limitations

B. Outside Animals: The number of outside animals shall be limited based on lot size as defined in Table 15.12.015a.

Table 15.12.015a

Lot Size
Up to 30,000 sq. ft.  = 5 Total Number of Outside Animals - Chickens (including roosters) maximum total 5**

    • This is the total number of this animal type that is allowed as part of the total number of animals allowed based on lot size (for example, three (3) sheep would not be allowed on a lot of less than fifteen thousand one (15,001) square feet). All animals and fowl shall be kept in a confined area and maintained. Any covered structure used to house any outside animal shall conform to all yard setback requirements. No confinement area shall be located within a critical (sensitive) area or its buffers.

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