Oakland, CA

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Population: 367,000

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[edit] Layman's version:

  Keep chicken enclosed in a coop situated more than 20 feet from any dwelling, church or school.

[edit] The Urban Chicken ordinance on the books:

Link to municipal code online: Title 6: Animals

Text of municipal code:

6.04.290 Keeping certain animals in apartment house, hotel and business district.
It is unlawful for any person to raise, or keep, live chickens, ducks, geese or other fowl, or pigeons, rabbits, guinea pigs or goats, in any enclosure or yard on property occupied by an apartment house or hotel or in a business district in the city, except when such fowl or animals are kept within a bona fide produce market, commission house or store for purposes of trade and, while so kept, are confined in small coops, boxes or cages.
(Amended during 1997 codification; prior code § 3-9.25)

6.04.320 Keeping of fowl.
It is unlawful for any person to keep any ducks, geese, chickens or other fowls in any enclosure in the city unless the exterior boundaries of said enclosures are more than twenty (20) feet from any dwelling, church or school.
It is unlawful for any person to keep, harbor or maintain roosters within the city limit.
This section shall not prohibit the activity authorized under Section 6.04.290 of this code.
This section shall also not apply to and is not intended to regulate any commercial activity that is already regulated by the Oakland Planning Code.
(Ord. 12705 § 3, 2005: Prior code § 3-9.28)

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