Kirkland, WA

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Population: 46,575

see Kirkland, WA on a map.

Layman's version:
20 chickens per 35,000 sq. (slightly more than half an acre) OR 3 chickens for lots under 35,000 sq. ft. NO ROOSTERS!

The Urban Chicken ordinance on the books:
City of Kirkland Zoning Code - 115.20 - Animals in Residential Zones

Text of municipal code:

20 chickens per 35,000 sq. ft. of lot area and 1 per each additional 500 sq. ft. of lot area. Maximum of 3 fowl on lots less than 35,000 sq. ft. in RSA zones.
35,000 sq. ft. per dwelling unit. No minimum lot size for fowl in RSA zones.
Structures and pens used to house animals must be at least 40' from each property line, except structures and pens used to house 3 fowl or less must be at least 10' from each property line.
1. The City may limit the number of animals allowed to less than the maximum considering:

a. Proximity to dwelling units both on and off the subject property; and

b. Lot size and isolation; and

c. Compatibility with surrounding uses; and

d. Potential noise impacts.

2. The applicant must provide a suitable structure or pen to house the animals, and must maintain that structure or pen in a clean condition.

3. Roosters are prohibited on lots containing less than 35,000 sq. ft.

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