How to research Urban Chicken ordinances online

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The quickest and easiest way to find urban chicken ordinances is to use Google.You can also consult the online municode directory itself and see if your town's included

  • In the search field type: the name of your city and state and "municipal codes chickens" (e.g. Redwood City CA municipal codes chickens)
  • Generally, the first couple of results will include a link to your city's online municipal code database, sometimes even including the actual code related to chickens. The titles that animals seem to fall under are title 6 or title 10, so look there if you can.
  • If you can search, try the term "chicken" but if that doesn't bring up any results, try "fowl" or "poultry" instead.
  • If those fail to work, you can search on "rooster" to see if there's a specific law on the books prohibiting roosters (and the chicken-related laws will be close to it in the code).

If you're looking to write your own code, you can follow the guidelines in this post from the blog: urban chicken laws: how to write your own.

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