Des Moines, WA

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Population: 29,631

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Layman's version:
Application required to include site plan for dwelling units (with minimum set back requirement) and vicinity map.  Minimum of 22,000 square feet, may keep up to 10 chickens.

The Urban Chicken ordinance on the books:
Link to municipal code online: Des Moines Municipal Code

Text of municipal code

18.19.020 Permitted uses.
6) Raising of chickens, squab, and rabbits for use of the occupants of the premises only; provided:

(a) No more than 30 of any one or combination of such fowl or animals may be kept on the premises;

(b) Any birds kept on the premises shall be confined within an aviary;

(c) Any buildings, pens, aviary, or structure used to house or contain such fowl and animals shall not be located closer than 35 feet to any boundary property line of the premises, or closer than 45 feet to any building containing a dwelling unit or accessory living quarters on the same premises;

18.33.040 Types of animals regulated. (2) Small Domestic Animals (f) Fowl

18.33.070 Small domestic animal requirements.
Minimum requirements for the keeping of small domestic animals are as follows:

(1) Required procedure: City manager review;

(2) Application information:

(a) A site plan indicating the location of the dwelling units, and structure used to house the animals, and any roaming or grazing area;

(b) A vicinity map indicating the type of use on property abutting the subject property and the location of any structures on abutting property;

(c) The type and number of animals to be kept by the applicant;

(3) Maximum number of adult animals per one dwelling unit: 10 per 22,000 square feet, plus an additional five adult animals for each 11,000 square feet of lot size;

(4) Minimum lot size: 22,000 square feet per dwelling unit;

(5) Minimum setback: Any structure or enclosure used to house animals must be at least 35 feet from a property line and at least 45 feet from any dwelling unit located on an adjacent lot. Any “run” or animal exercise area must be at least 20 feet from any property line, and at least 30 feet from any dwelling unit located on an adjacent lot, and shall be constructed to effect these setbacks;

(6) Special regulations and requirements:

(a) The city may limit the number of animals allowed to less than the maximum considering:

(i) Proximity to dwelling units both on and off the subject property;

(ii) Lot size and isolation;

(iii) Compatibility with surrounding uses;

(iv) Potential noise impacts;

(b) The applicant must provide a suitable structure to house the animals, and must maintain that structure in a clean condition;

(c) If an abutting property owner files a signed and notarized statement in support of the request, the city may permit a “run” or exercise area to extend to the property line in common with the abutting property. Such release shall be effective until revoked in writing by the abutting property owner and the city;

(7) Screening: The city may require screening to mitigate financial, health, and aesthetic impacts on adjacent residential property when such residential property is used for residential purposes. The screening shall consist of a solid wall, a view-obscuring fence or hedge not less than five feet nor more than six feet in height, which will be erected and maintained on any exterior boundary that is common with property used for residential purposes, or shall consist of predominantly view-obscuring evergreen shrubs and trees of a type, number, location, height, and size approved by the city. [Ord. 1237 § 4, 1999; Ord. 532 § 5(B), 1981.]

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