Carnation, WA

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Population: 1,893

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Layman's version:

Chickens not permitted on property under one acre. 

The Urban Chicken ordinance on the books:
Link to municipal code online: Carnation Municipal Code, Chapter 6.08.100

Text of municipal code:

6.08.100 Where permitted and Limitations.
A. Enclosures and shelters. Livestock shall be kept within an enclosure adequately built and maintained to prevent escape. Livestock shall be reasonably sheltered. Structures, which provide confinement and feeding areas for such animals, shall be located not less than fifty (50) feet away from any adjoining property line, and not less than one hundred (100) feet from any residential dwelling unit on adjoining property.
B. Limitations and Number. Except as permitted in the Residential-Agricultural (R-A) zoning district, the minimum land area required to maintain any kind of livestock or fowl shall be one acre. Thereafter, up to one animal unit, as defined herein, may be maintained per acre, or portion thereof.
(Ord. 508 ยง 1, 1995)

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