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Population: 117,685

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Layman's version:
May have up to 6 fowl.  No minimum lot size requirement. Larger lots may be allowed more fowl - see official code for square footage information. No structure to house the household pet may be within 15 feet of a property line.

The Urban Chicken ordinance on the books:
Link to municipal code online: Bellevue City Code 20.20.130 Animals. Amended Ord. 5876

A. General.

The keeping of animals is subject to the requirements of this section and BCC Title 8, Animal Regulations.

B. Minimum Requirements.

The following chart entitled, “Animal Regulations” sets forth the minimum requirements for the keeping of animals.

Animal Regulations

  • Type of Animal/Use - Household Pets* = Maximum Number (A) = Dogs, Cats, Rabbits: 3(B); Fowl: 6(D).
  • No Minimum Lot Size (editor note: larger lots may allow more fowl, please see this link.)
  • Minimum Setback (E)

May not be restrained or enclosed outdoors so that the animal is able to come within 15 feet of a property line. This limitation does not prohibit the keeping of a household pet within the following areas, provided it must be allowed to roam freely therein:

1) A lot which is fenced along all lot lines so as to enclose the entire lot, or

2) An enclosed portion of a lot which is bounded by fences along either the entire front lot line or entire rear lot line, and along a portion of both side lot lines, which utilizes the house or primary structure as one side of the enclosure and which may include all or a portion of either or both side yards.

• No structure to house the household pet may be within 15 feet of a property line.

(A) Number of adult animals. One unweaned litter of offspring, and foals are not included in the number of animals allowed.

(B) More than three rabbits are regulated as small domestic animals.

(C) Requires a Conditional Use Permit.

(D) More than six fowl are regulated as small domestic animals.

(E) The purpose of these setback requirements is to prohibit the confinement of an animal within specific distances from neighboring property, as by leashing the animal to a stake or placing the animal in an enclosure, but to allow animals to be kept in yards fenced on their perimeter so long as the animal is free to roam within the fenced area.

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